Pressure Washing Services for Buffalo & WNY

Since our inception in 2004, Suburban Property Maintenance has grown to become WNY's best choice for professional cleaning and pressure washing services. Learn more about how our team can help your business stay clean, or get a quote below!


Our Buffalo Power Washing Services

Power washing services are done normally from the spring months until winter, but we have been known to do a service in the winter months. Our system is completely self-contained, meaning we bring the water to you, 550 gallons worth, and we are able to run temperatures up to 200 degrees for those especially difficult jobs.

Our Whisper Wash Rotary Spray System includes a complete line of flat surface cleaning which eliminates over-spray and zebra striping. This also includes gum, grease buildup, pop/soda spills, and motor oil.

An eco-friendly, biodegradable, ACO Citrus-based detergentĀ is applied to sensitive areas such as playgrounds, restaurant equipment, drying shelving, roll away racks, etc.

pressure washing

Why Do You Need Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing doesn't just remove surface dirt. It is able to take care of stains, mold, and other debris that are too deeply engrained to be removed with regular washing techniques.

This is particularly useful for the exterior of a business, which will face harsh natural and manmade elements (including dirt, wind, rain, smoke, pollution, snow, ice and more). If your business is located in Buffalo, it will be much more susceptible to the elements, due to the infamously harsh winters in WNY.

If you have noticed that the exterior of your business has been looking a little grungy, or have a specific spot you need cleaned, give the team at Suburban Property Maintenance a call! We'll be happy to provide you with a power washing quote, and get your property clean in no time!

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