Property Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Since our inception in 2004, Suburban Property Maintenance has grown to become WNY's best choice for business owners looking to keep their property clean and professional.

We do everything from regular maintenance to that one-off cleanup after winter or a major event. We can service business locations of all sizes from large commercial locations and warehouses, to fast food restaurants, playgrounds, public facilities, parking lots, pool and patio decks, sidewalks, awnings and windows, garage floors, and concrete walkways.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Sweeping services for parking lots can be scheduled one time, once or twice a week or month recurring, or we have the flexibility to come as many times as your particular business needs. If we notice that a location is looking untidy we will notify you and suggest that the location needs to be serviced more often, even if only temporarily due to a particular busy or holiday season.

Our sweeping service is powered by commercial backpack blowers which are used to blow down all sidewalks, curb lines, 90's (if applicable), nearby entrance and exit ramps. Then, the parking lots and entrance/exits are swept using our high-quality sweeping truck.


Additional Services

Trash Cleanup

We will also do bulk trash services if you would like trash receptacles emptied or new liners inserted. We typically use two liners to ensure that trash cleanup is tidy as many liners are not able to withstand the heavy load that comes from commercial use. We can also take care of trash that has been dumped illegally at a property.

Pressure Washing

Does your property look dingy, dirty, or have hard-to-remove stains? Pressure washing will deep-clean even the most difficult spots and get your property looking almost brand new!

Special Cleanup

We also do specialty cleanup including stadium or event cleanup, construction cleanup, as well as work for casinos and hotels. We don't just do regular maintenance, but can also make a one-time cleanup to get the property looking well after winter, special events, or any other one-time visit.

Pest Control

If your business or property is also in need of pest control services, we can help with that as well. Through our sister company, Suburban Pest Control, we provide services to local commercial and residential clients that help eliminate pests and keep them out for good.

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